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American Indian Day
Armed Forces Day
Bill of Rights Day
Citizenship Day
Confederate Mem'l Day
Famous B'Days
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Patriot's Day
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Pioneer Day
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Famous American

Birthday & Brief Bio


George Washington George Washington was the first person elected to the office of President of the United States.  He led the newly formed Continental Army against the Army of the British and won.

Birthday: April 30, 1789.

Biography of George Washington (White House): In-depth biography of our first President.

The Life of George Washington (Archiving Early America): An enormously in-depth look at the life and legacy of George Washington.

The Papers of George Washington (Univ. of VA): A site where you can view the many writings of this great president.

George Washington (Internet Public Library): Information, Facts and Links relating to George Washington.

Abraham Lincoln Born to a poor frontier family, he grew to become the sixteenth President of the United States.  He was the Commander-in-Chief of the Union Army during the Civil War.  He also fought and succeeded for freeing the slaves in the South.

Birthday: February 12, 1809.

Biography of Abraham Lincoln (White House): In-depth biography of our 16th President.

Abraham Lincoln Papers (Library of Congress): A look at the documents of Abe Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site (same): Links and information on Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln (History Place): A timeline of Lincoln's life with other information and links.

Thomas Jefferson A native Virginian who became the third President of the U.S. in 1801.  He was also the drafter of the Declaration of Independence.

Birthday: April 13, 1743.

Biography of Thomas Jefferson (White House): In-depth biography of our Third President.
Benjamin Franklin Benjamin was a brilliant inventor and statesman.  He published influential newspapers, started the first fire department, developed how to harness electricity, invented the bifocal and many other items. He was a representative to the Constitutional Convention.  And Much More.

Birthday: October 6, 1723.

The Electric Ben Franklin ( Information about this famous American
U.S. Presidents (General)  

The Presidents of the U.S. (White House): A site with in-depth information about each of our past presidents.

U.S. Presidents: United in Service (White House Kids): A fun site for kids about the present and past Presidents of the U.S.

Gift Ideas for Famous American's Birthdays

The best way to celebrate these great Americans is to either learn more about them, or visit the places that they worked or lived.
  • George Washington related Books, Movies or Travel
  • Abraham Lincoln related Books, Movies or Travel
  • Thomas Jefferson related Books, Movies or Travel
  • Benjamin Franklin related Books, Movies or Travel


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