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Unique Father's Day Gifts


Low Cost or No Cost Father's Day Gift Ideas

  1. Make Breakfast in Bed

    Father's Day is a day for dad to relax. So start his day off right by letting him sleep late, then make him breakfast in bed - or set up breakfast so that he can watch television while sitting in his favorite chair.

  2. Make Lunch or Dinner for Dad

    Dads like to eat, even the one's that are on "diets."  So why not make dad happy and feed him.  You know what he likes, so get the ingredients and begin cooking.  Remember, this is his day, so don't let him cook, set the table or clean up.

  3. Record Dad's Favorite Songs

    An inexpensive gift for dad would be to get out all of those CDs or cassette tapes that Dad likes so much and compile the best songs on one tape for him (you know he will never do it himself). For some suggested music, click here

  4. Make Your Own Father's Day Gift

    For children and creative family members, you can make your own Father's Day gifts fairly inexpensively.  To find some craft ideas, try our Father's Day Crafts and Activities Links page.

  5. Take Father on a Picnic or Have a Bar-B-Qicon

    Once again, dads like to eat - so why not take his love of food and make a day of it.   Go to your back yard icon or go to the park, get the grill going, and throw on some dogs.  Note: When it comes to grilling, let dad do the cooking if he insists - but you should do all of the cleanup. You can order all you need from Omaha Steaks.

  6. Magazine Subscription

    If your father likes to read - get them something they may enjoy for the whole year . . . a subscription to a magazine.  There are hundreds of magazines out there, so you can get them a zine' on any topic or hobby they enjoy. Click here for some magazine gift suggestions.

  7. Let Dad Watch Sports All Day

    Father's Day is a day for dad to do what he wants.  If he wants to spend his day watching sports, sleeping and eating - then give him what he wants. [Mom: You can yell at him the following Sunday.]

  8. Buy Dad a Card or Send an E-Card

    What would Father's Dad be without giving dad a card?  So send or give him a nice little greeting card.  If Dad has a computer, it is always a nice surprise to receive a virtual greeting. Click here for some ecard links

  9. Good Grades on Your Report Card

    For all of you kids out there - nothing will make dad happier than getting good grades.  Since Father's Day comes towards the end of the year, wrap up your report card and give it to dad. [Yes, you can do this even after Father's Day.]

  10. Buy Father A Book

    Books are always a good gift to give.  They are small and wrap well.  They will also be very appreciated by Dad. See our suggested books by clicking HERE

  11. Treat Him Right At the End of the Night

    If "Dad" is your husband or significant other - treat him right at the end of the night. Nuff' Said.

  12. The Traditional Gift: A Fatherís Day Tie

    The tie is the perfect gift.  Dad will appreciate it and will probably use it at some point in the future.  If they wear ties regularly, they could always use a new one.  Click here for some tie and tie related products.

  13. Sports Related Gifts for Dad

    Many dads are into sports. If your dad is, give him something to do with his favorite sport or sports team. Click here for some sports related gift ideas

  14. Tell Him That You Love Him

    The greatest gift of all Ė and if you are near, a big hug and kiss will also be very nice. [You are never too old to hug or kiss dad]

Minimal Cost Father's Day Gift Ideas

  1. Take Dad to Lunch/Dinner

    Dads like to eat Ė so why not take him out for lunch or dinner.  Take him somewhere that he enjoys or prefers.  It does not have to be very expensive, just somewhere you can all enjoy the food and the company.

  2. Get dad his favorite CDs or DVDs

    Movies and music are gifts that will last forever.  Just pick out things that he would like.  Box sets are also a good gift to give for this holiday. For some suggested music, click here

  3. Fatherís Day Gift Baskets

    There are plenty of gift baskets out there for dad.  They now come with all types of themes such as tools, sports and golf Ė so there is something to make every dad happy.  Click here for some gift basket ideas.

  4. Flowers as a Fatherís Day Gift

    Flowers are not the traditional gift for a father, but there are many theme flowers that would be a nice gift for dad.  Click here for some Fatherís Day flower ideas,

  5. Candy/Chocolate/Cookies for Fatherís Day

    How can any dad resist candy, cookies or chocolates for Fatherís Day?  There are plenty of gift packages out there that not only contain all of these great goodies, but also adhere to a theme, such as golf or sports. Mmmmm . . . Chocolate!!!  Click here for some candy/chocolate/goodies ideas.

  6. Go All Out for a Picnic

    Make a grand buffet for an all-out picnic. Go for the gusto and instead of the usual hot dogs and burgers Ė how about putting some big juicy steaks onto the grill. Buy or make him his favorite side dishes as well. To top it off, get his favorite beverage or beer (wine if he prefers).  For some BBQ food ideas, we suggest going to Omaha Steaks.

  7. Gift Certificates for Dad

    If you do not know what to get him, a gift certificate may be a good option.  However, try to get a gift certificate for a store that you know he shops in Ė this shows that you took to think about it.

  8. Hobbies & Interests

    Does dad like a particular hobby or have specific interests?  Then check out our Hobbies & Interests section for a great number of gift ideas for almost every person.

  9. Sports related gifts for Fatherís Day

    If your father like sports or a particular team, why not get them a gift with a sports motif?  Click here for some sports related gift ideas.

  10. Nice Ties for Dad

    A father can never have enough neckties Ė especially the good ones.  Fatherís Day is the time to splurge and get dad that special silk tie.  Ties are the traditional fatherís day gift because they are always welcome.  For some tie gift ideas click here.

  11. Fatherís Day Gifts related to their profession.

    Is Dad a doctor, lawyer, train conductor or any other profession out there?  Then get them something that relates to their job.  For some job related gift ideas click here.

Higher Cost Fatherís Day Gift Ideas

  1. i-Pod (pre-loaded)

    Bring dad into the 21st century.  Get them an iPod.  They are great gifts and will be used the year round.  One suggestion, pre-load the iPod with dads favorite songs BEFORE you give it to him Ėit will help initiate him to this new technology and make it easy for you later. For a large selection of iPods click here.

  2. Travel

    For some travel is the ultimate gift.  Send dad (and others) on a trip Ė doesnít he deserve it?  For travel ideas and discounts click here.

  3. Day at the Spa (or at least an hour)

    There is nothing like the relaxation of a nice massage at a spa.  How about giving dad the gift of relaxation?  You can easily order a gift certificate here at the Spafinderģ Day Spa Gift Certificate icon

  4. Fatherís Day Jewelry

    Although you may think of jewelry only being for mom, dads like jewelry as well.  This is a great gift when different people are chipping in Ė and it can be inscribed.  For Fatherís Day jewelry ideas click here.

  5. Large Gift Basket/Flowers for Fatherís Day

    If a small gift basket is nice, a large basket would be even nicer.  Click here for some Fatherís Day gift basket ideas.

  6. A Week Away With & Without the Kids

    Okay mom, or significant other Ė how about taking dad away for a nice weekend.  This way you get time to spend some time with him and you both get to relax.  Then plan a separate weekend to go away with the kids Ė this way dad can enjoy being a dad for the day, weekend or week.

  7. Fatherís Day Party

    This is a modern idea for celebrating Fatherís Day.  The Fatherís Day Party is where a number of families get together at a restaurant or catering hall to celebrate the holiday.  This requires a bit more coordination than most other means of celebrating, but is well worth it.  First you need to get a few people together to commit to such an event.  Book a room in a restaurant or a catering hall for the evening with all the trimmings (food, drink, waiters, band, etc.).  Find a place that has separate rooms for kids to entertain themselves.  Hire babysitters to watch the younger children during the evening at the place (this way the kids can eat with the parents, but leave afterwards so the parents could enjoy themselves).  Everyone should dress up for the evening and be on their best behavior for Dad.  If you have the event at a hotel, get a discount package for some rooms, so attendees can drink and sleep at the hotel so they do not have to drive.

  8. Power Tools

    In most families, it is usually the dad that does the fixiní up around the house.  If so, there is always that special power tool that they have been talking about.  This would make the perfect gift for dad.

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