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Passover (Pesach)
Other Jewish Holidays


This Jewish holiday celebrates the victory of the Jews over the Romans/Syrians who occupied the land of Israel in 165 BC.

The holiday is eight (8) days in length.  This is because when the Jews wanted to celebrate the victory at the holy temple, they needed to light the menorah (a type of candelabra used for religious practices).  However, because the temple was ransacked during its occupation, there was only one bottle of oil found.  This oil that was supposed to last for only one day, lasted for eight, hence the length of the holiday.

One candle is lit by observing Jews each night of Chanukah.  Although early traditions did not include gift giving, since it comes at the same time of the year as Christmas, this tradition has been "borrowed."



Chanukah Facts and History

The Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah (Hanukkah Traditions): Information on the holiday and celebratory customs.

Judaism 101- Chanukkah (official): Information, history and other related stories about Chanukah

History of Hanukkah (HistoryChannel): Explains the history and traditions of the holiday.

Chanukah (Kids Domain): Fun information and activities about the holiday.

Hanukkah (Midrash): Information and history of the holiday.

Hanukkah - A Miracle of Light (Circle of Light): Information on the holiday, its traditions and other related stuff.

No, the gift giving tradition of Chanukah does not include the giving of a gift for each of the eight days.  In fact, the modern concept of gift giving was not a part of this holiday until more recent times.  Traditional gifts were given when visiting friends and family for the many festive meals that they share.  The modern custom is to give gifts, especially to children, during this holiday to parallel the Christmas custom.  Some families have taken this a step further and give gifts during each of the eight nights when they light the candles.  In any case, it has been customary to give a "holiday" gift to friends and family.

Since the holiday has become very commercialized, try to keep the religion in your gift giving.  We suggest the rule of three.  Purchase something practical (what they need), something impractical (so they can have fun) and something religious (so they do not forget the reason for the holiday). Get something religious for the first night, something impractical for the second night and something practical for the third night. Then give an inexpensive or not-too-expensive gift for the remaining five nights.

Chanukah/Hanukkah Gift Ideas:

Practical Gifts

Inexpensive Socks & Underwear; Scarf, Gloves & Hat; School supplies; Books
Not Too Expensive Coat/Jacket; Clothing; Boots, Shoes, Sneakers; Donation in a person's name
Expensive Computer; Furniture; Kitchen Appliances

Impractical Gifts

Inexpensive Comic books; Cheap Make-up Kit; Video Games; Cheap toy/doll
Not Too Expensive Better Make-up Kit; Bicycle/Tricycle; Fancy/Fashion Clothing; Toys & Dolls
Expensive Video Game System; Leather/Mink Jacket; Automobile

Religious Gifts

Inexpensive Small charm; Religious token; Religious books
Not Too Expensive Religious charm; Set of Religious books; Religious Articles
Expensive  Airline tickets to Israel; Large solid gold religious charms/jewelry



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