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Do you have a Mother who tells you not to buy anything or don't spend a lot on a gift?  Well, I think that is part of what a a mother is.  Even on her day she wants you to save money, even if the gift is for her.  But you need to think of all the things Mom has done for you all year without wanting anything in return.  Today is the day for payback.  Your gifts should reflect your feelings towards her and go out of your way to be nice (even to your mother-in-law).


Low and No Cost Mother's Day Gifts

Make Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and/or Dinner – Mom (in most houses) cooks all year, it is time for you to do the cooking.  One meal would be nice, but cooking all the meals would be nicer – and that includes clearing off the table and washing the dishes. Make sure you

Mother’s Day Tokens – You make paper tokens and give them to mom. She can then trade them in for different nice things for her such as make her bed, cook her dinner, walk the dog, wash the car, etc.  You can write the activity/chore each token, or leave some blank for her to fill in at a later date.

Record Mom’s Favorite Songs – If you have a tape recorder, make her a tape of her favorite songs that you copy from CDs or other tapes.  Decorate the cassette box to give it that extra touch.

Do all the chores for One Day or Week – Give mom the day (or the week) off.  Make a certificate on paper that says that you will do all of her chores for the entire week.  All she needs to do is come home, take her shoes off and watch TV.

Act Nice – This is something that you should do IN ADDITION to anything else you give her on mother’s day.  Go the extra mile to say thank you and be polite.  Hold the door open when you can and even push the chair under her when she sits down.  Most importantly – No Fighting.  Come to think about it – you should be doing this for Mom all year round. 

Magazine Subscription – This is something Mom can enjoy all year long.

Promise not to Watch, Talk or Play any Sports on Mother’s Day – This is harder for some people than others.

Write a Poem – Write a poem especially for Mom. First of all, that is harder than you think.  Second of all, Mom will eat it up.  Try to print it out with fancy lettering on a computer.  If possible, even frame it as a nice finishing touch.

Buy a Single Rose or Carnation – The act of giving Mom a flower is what counts. If you cannot afford a dozen long stem roses, sometimes the single flower will do the trick.  However, if you are Donald Trump, and all you give is a single flower - that might not swing it.

Give or Send Mom a Card – A card is always a nice thought and shows that you care.

Send an Ecard – Although not a substitute for a real greeting card, this is a nice extra to put a smile on your Mother’s face.

Good Grades on a Test/Report Card – Always a great gift for a Mom, regardless of the time of year.

Purchase her favorite Book – If Mom is a reader, this makes a nice gift.  If you get something she wants, it shows you took the extra step because you care.

Give Mom Control of the Remote Control – It is Mom’s day, so let her watch whatever she pleases.

Bake a Cake or Cookies – If you are good in the kitchen, bake something for Mom – she deserves the extra effort it takes and will know it comes fro the heart.

For the Man in Mom’s Life – Treat her right on the evening of Mother’s Day, and make her feel special.

Remember: Give Mom a Big Hug and Kiss and Tell Her That you Love Her – No explanation needed.



Medium Cost Mother's Day Gifts

Take Mom out to Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and/or Dinner – Mom should not be lifting a finger on her day – especially in the kitchen.  It is always a nice treat for Mom to be taken out to eat.  Dinners are always preferable, but there are many restaurants that make a very nice lunch or early dinner.  Depending on your finances you can go very fancy, but if you do not have the money, any where you go will be appreciated, but let’s not take her out to a fast food joint – the restaurant should at least have people waiting on your table.  Many restaurants have Mother’s Day specials, but beware, you need to make reservations in advance.  One trick for the holiday is to take Mom out on the Friday or Saturday before Mother’s Day and then make dinner on Mother’s Day.  This way mom gets the best of both worlds, and you do not have to deal with overcrowded restaurants.

Framed Portrait of Family – There is nothing Mom loves better than to see her whole family.  Even when you are not with her, you can give her a picture of yourself or your family for Mother’s Day.  Have a professional photographer take a family portrait and place it in a nice frame so Mom can display it for herself and others to see all year long.

Send/Give Mom a Gift Basket – There are many types of Gift Baskets out there for almost everyone’s taste.  So get something your Mom would like that matches her character.  For a selection of Mother’s Day Gift Baskets CLICK HERE.

Picnic – If it s a nice day, have an all-out picnic.  Make it a day where you take Mom away for the day with the rest of the family.  However, you plan and make everything.  All Mom should be doing is sitting around, taking in the sun.  A nice touch would be to include a little bottle of wine in the picnic basket.

Send/Give Mom Flowers – Mom always enjoys receiving flowers. Carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day, but any type of flower would suffice. For a selection of Mother’s Day Flowers CLICK HERE.

Send/Give Chocolates & Sweets – Nothing tells a Mom how sweet you think they are by sending them sweets of their own. For a selection of Mother’s Day Chocolates and Sweets CLICK HERE.

Add Mom to Phone Plan – Some mobile phone companies are having sales these days where you can add another person to your own mobile phone plan.  A cell phone and a paid plan will make a nice gift, and keep communications open.

Buy Mom Her Favorite CD/DVD – If mom loves a particular artist or movie, now would be a good time to buy a CD or VHS/DVD for her.

Match the Gift to Mom – Your gift should show thought, and that means getting her something that would enjoy. For instance, you might want to give her a gift that pertains to her hobbies and interests or one that is related to her profession.

Gift Certificate – If you do not know what to get Mom – a gift certificate will always do in the clinch.  It does not show as much care as a gift itself, but Mom will enjoy it.  However, try to get a gift certificate from a store you know that she shops.

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High Cost Mother's Day Gifts

iPod for Mom – It is time to get Mom into the digital age.  If she likes listening to music on the run, then an iPod or MP3 player is the way to go.  You can get a low end model or a $300 model like President Bush.  One suggestion, preload the songs for her before you give it to her – she will appreciate that very much.

Travel – Mom is tired of taking care of the family all year.  It may be time to send her on a trip – alone or with the family.  If you and/or your family live a long distance away from Mom, now would be a perfect time to splurge for that airline ticket so she can come for a visit. For Mother’s Day Travel ideas and discounts CLICK HERE.

Day at the Spa – After spending mother’s day with Mom, send her off on her own on another day where she can be pampered by giving here a gift certificate to a local spa. . For a Day at the Spa gift certificate CLICK HERE.

Jewelry – Mom’s like jewelry because they can wear it (and show it off) all year long.  Give her something special that she will always enjoy like a watch engraved with her family’s names, a #1 mom charm, a charm depicting Mom & Children, etc. For Mother’s Day Jewelry ideas CLICK HERE.

Large Gift Basket or Large Bouquet of Flowers – There is something for every Mom. These are especially nice when you cannot be there yourself. For a selection of Mother’s Day Gift Baskets CLICK HERE.

A Weekend Away – A nice idea would be to take Mom away for the weekend.  Just you and her.  Have someone watch the kids then leave Friday night and come back Sunday afternoon so that Mom could have a Mother’s day dinner with her family.  If you can swing it, take her away with the kids on Mother’s day weekend, then give her a separate weekend with just the two of you alone.

Mother’s Day Party – This is a modern idea for celebrating Mother’s Day.  The Mother’s Day Party is where a number of families get together at a restaurant or catering hall to celebrate the holiday.  This requires a bit more coordination than most other means of celebrating, but is well worth it.  First you need to get a few people together to commit to such an event.  Book a room in a restaurant or a catering hall for the evening with all the trimmings (food, drink, waiters, band, etc.).  Find a place that has separate rooms for kids to entertain themselves.  Hire babysitters to watch the younger children during the evening at the place (this way the kids can eat with the parents, but leave afterwards so the parents could enjoy themselves).  Everyone should dress up for the evening and be on their best behavior for Mom.  If you have the event at a hotel, get a discount package for some rooms, so attendees can drink and sleep at the hotel so they do not have to drive.

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