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Angry, etc.

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Angry, etc.
Carefree, etc.
Cheap, etc.
Comedian, etc.
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Angry, Cantankerous, Cranky, Grouchy, Grumpy, Ill-Tempered, Mad, Upset

Gifts for people


So, you need to get a gift for "Oscar the Grouch."  There are two directions you can take with your gift giving, (1) give something that will help them deal with or relieve their anger and (2) if the gift recipient knows that they are a son-of-a-B, you can have fun with it and give them something that kindly makes fun of their disposition.


Gifts to help deal with anger

The recipient of this gift needs to learn how to cope with their anger.  Here are some way to help them do this.

  • Books: There are many books and videos on this subject, and they would make good gifts, if given with tact (you do not want the person to get insulted).


  • Relaxation: Other gifts can include items that will help relax the person, like a self-massaging chair or a CD of relaxing music.


  • Hobbies: A third gift idea would be to purchase something that relates a hobby they might have.  The idea is that if they are caught up with their hobby, they will be a transference of the anger into something positive that might help to relax them. If they do not have a hobby, you can always get them started in one. You can visit our Hobbies and Interests section for some hobby ideas.

Gifts to make light of a grouchy personality

If you and the recipient already kid around about their grumpy disposition, you can purchase a gag gift. An Oscar the Grouch doll would be appropriate.  Another cute Idea is a personalized T-shirt, with "Grumpy Old Man" or other similar slogan.


NOTE: The above information is not to be taken as medical advice.  Anger and Anger Management can be very serious and in many cases should be handled by a doctor or trained professional.


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